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ODD CREW Strength. Pride. Respect. Family.
Our Story

Band Birthday

Odd Crew was formed on the 1st of August 1998 by four kids around the age of 10 – Vasil Raykov (vocals), Vasil Parvanovski (guitar), Martin Stoyanov (bass and backing vocals) and Boyan “Bonzy” Georgiev (drummer).

1998 1,

The Blues

In 2001 Kaskadiori joined the blues band of Vasko “The Patch” and toured with him in the next several years.


The River of Time

In 2006 Kaskadiori released another album called “The River of Time”.


We Are What We Are

In 2008 Odd Crew released the album We Are What We Are. Suddenly the band attracted a lot of fans who shared their ideas and vision about united society having music as lifestyle.


A Bottle of Friends

In 2009 Odd Crew started reconstructing their rehearsal room into a recording studio in order to experiment and improve their sound. Soon “Butcher House” studio was build and they recorded the album – A Bottle of Friends, released on the 22nd October 2010.

2010 22nd,

Beyond The Shell

In June, 2012 Odd Crew released their latest album “Beyond The Shell

2012 9th,

And It’s Rock Again

The band was originally called “Kaskadiori” (translated “Stuntmen”). They chose the name because they had a car accident on the way to the studio. One year after their formation the band recorded its first album – And it’s rock again. The album was released in the spring of year 2000.


On the Road

Kaskadiori continued writing songs and in 2005 they released the album “On the Road”.


Odd Crew

As the members of the band grew up they started writting heavier songs which quite differed from the past melody rock material. They gradually adopted music as a lifestyle and started using it as way to express themselves and talk to society. (more…)

2008 1st,

11 Years of Brotherhood

In 2009 Odd Crew has already played on every club stage in Bulgaria and went on “11 Years of Brotherhood” tour in various countries around Europe among which Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and England.