Odd Crew “The Lost Pages” Digipak CD (2018)



Odd Crew’s new album “The Lost Pages” on a physical CD in a Digipak case¬†with 24 pages bootleg.

1.Super J
2.Cast a Stone
3.Dust in My Eyes
4.A Dog Without a Name
5.Same Old Me
6.Dead Letter
7.Bitterness Inside
8.I Know
9.Share a Tear
10.Walk Through It All
11.I’m Free
12.Buried Beneath
13.What I Never Was
14.I’m Gone

“The Lost Pages” is the so called “acoustic album” of the band, showing their softer side that can be heard in unplugged versions of their metal songs like “Lay on Me”,”Shapes in Grey”, “I Ain’t Losing Myself” and others.


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