ODD CREW revealed a new video for grinding new track »Wasted Days«.
This is the fourth single from the upcoming album »Dark Matters (Part I)«.

»Wasted Days« was recorded in ODD CREW’s own »ButcherHouse Studio« in Sofia and produced and mixed by the band themselves.

Guitarist Vasil Parvanovski comments: “For me, »Wasted Days« is one of the tracks on the album with the most cyclical and darkest feeling. I remember when we worked on the idea, everyone in the band fell in love with this simple and heavy riff. It also led the overall concept we wanted to have in the song to keep that gloomy feeling. We made videos for all the songs off the album, and the video for this song was the first finished one we watched. After seeing it, we said to ourselves that this is exactly the emotion we wanted to keep for them all.”


Shortly before the release of the single, the band announced that there would be four albums entitled »Dark Matters«.
»Dark Matters (Part I)« out on May 27 via Drakkar Entertainment. PRE-ORDER HERE or check out our Merch Store.
Listen »Wasted Days« HERE.
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